of the article. The grave of Jewish man David Stoliar, who died on May 1, 2014, at his home in Bend, was a mystery. The British would not let allow them to enter the country fearing an Arab backlash and on November 20th issued a deportation order for the 3600 to begin transferring to the SS Patria to be taken to other British controlled colonies. They would not, however, get over the horrific losses of the Titanic and her sister ship Britannic, as an ailing White Star Line was taken over by its arch-rival Cunard in the 1930s. deceased), from Christiania C. Hoff (? On Sunday, descendents of both survivors and rescuers joined together in Terence Bay, N.S., to mark the 145th anniversary since the ship's sinking off the same shores. She then set out for New York with 957 persons on board (number from the official Canadian report), of whom 833 were passengers. Quartermaster Reynalds, had just prior to this logged a true speed of 12 knots. Sarah Jane Clancy was one of the rescuers of the survivors of the SS Atlantic. At 6 o'clock in the morning Brady made contact with the local residents on the island, and 3 boats were set out. Over 10 metres (over 30 feet) of the bank has disappeared and community volunteers are reburying the bones when they appear. SS ATLANTIC CONVEYOR joined the Carrier Battle Group on 19th May 1982 and was immediately treated as a warship in most respects. This figure includes 45 in Baalham's Newfoundland party, 32 rescued by Huron, 10 picked up by Cambria, … However, the ship's owners in Liverpool claimed that the Atlantic had departed England carrying 996 tons of coal, and that was 260 tons more than what she needed for the crossing to New York. During a storm on March 27th, some of the crew attempted to brake into the room where the alcoholic beverages were kept. can be E-mailed to a friend and you can get a printable version At 11pm, the City of Benares sank beneath the waves as survivors huddled in the lifeboats and upturned rafts. Please, A selection of articles dedicated to help you in your genealogy search for your Norwegian ancestors. According to the Illustrated London News she left the Mersey (Liverpool) on her 19th voyage on Tuesday March 20th 1873 with several hundred passengers for New York, and called the next day at Queenstown, where 250 more passengers embarked. It may not be as well known as the Titanic, but the sinking of the SS Atlantic off the coast of Nova Scotia nearly a century and a half ago left no shortage of stories to be told. The U-604 was scuttled on August 11, 1943, in the South Atlantic with the loss of 14 of her crew. "They got their fishing boats out of winter storage, they dragged them across the island, down the cliff like a toboggan into the water. Articles Many of the people who gathered on Sunday were descendents of those families, including Laura O'Hearn, the great-great-great granddaughter of Michael Clancy. Much of the wreck is still resting on a slope between 20 and 75 feet down from the surface, buried in the sand at the bottom of the slope. But also the SS Atlantic, a steamship that sunk off the coast of Nova Scotia on April 1, 1873 and took more than 500 lives. When the ship was hit on 25th May Captain North was a tower of strength during the difficult period of damage … The White Star Line agent in Christiania, Frederik Lie, received a telegram from Liverpool, dated April 8th, saying that among the passengers he had enrolled from Norway, C. E. Gram and P. Paulsen had perished, and among passengers enrolled by C. Hansen only Ole J. Nielsen and Conrad Corneliusen had been rescued. Mr. Brown, the fourth officer, was censured for want of vigilance, and for violation of the captain's orders by suspending his certificate for three months. On 17 September 1940 a German U-boat sank the City of Benares. or smaller. There were speculations in the newspapers, saying that the accident was caused because the Captain and mate had mistaken Sambro light for being Devil's light, which is further to the west. Well, yes. It burned in 1942 and the ruins are in the SS Atlantic Heritage Park. I mean, to me that's just amazing," she said.​. This site is maintained by community volunteers and members of the SS Atlantic Heritage Park Society to keep the memory alive in the community and the province of Nova Scotia. In April 1912, she became famous for rescuing survivors of the rival White Star Line's RMS ... (GRT) and having held the "Blue Riband" for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. Of the 957 passengers aboard, 545 lost their lives. Many of them were among the deceased. (The company had previously lost the clipper Tayleur in Dublin Bay in 1854.) He hopes connecting them to their past will help keep the story of the SS Atlantic alive. 20-year old Eric Munday, a Sapper in the Royal Engineers, was the only survivor - picked up by the U-boat which returned later to a scene of devastation following overnight storms which had wiped out the … The edition of April 2nd, 1873 did not have any … The post 12 Titanic Survivors: What Happened to Them Next appeared first on Reader's Digest. Agent Lie was authorized to convey emigrants by steamship via Hull and from Hull to Liverpool, and from there to New York by White Star Line and on to the final destination in America. The disaster, on April 1, 1873 killed 550 people. The survivors at Halifax were transported from Halifax on April 3rd to Portland, Maine, on the steamer Falmouth, thence by rail to Boston. Help us add more stuff to the emigrant trunk. "People just don't seem to know.". "That my ancestor was so involved in saving so many people, that was really fascinating for me. ), from Røken: Hans Hansen (#17 rescued? The photo was taken in 1906, as she is holding her granddaughter Gladys. Also including articles about Pioneers & Norwegian Settlements Around the World. ), C. E. Gram (add. The steam merchant was built in 1904 by the Delaware River Iron Shipbuilding & Engine Works, Chester PA. She was owned by Ocean SS Company, Savannah, GA. A bilge pump from "City of … The survivors spent a whole week in the open ocean with lack of food and suffering from exposure of the Atlantic-some perished when rescue came. Among the 250 saved were Capt. It was erected as a tribute to the dead of the White Star Line steamship, S/S Atlantic, which foundered on April 1, 1873. On a recent historical tour to Mill Creek Cemetery, a recent grave was noted. "They actually had to drill holes in the floor to let the water run out of the house. 38, to investigate into the cause of the disaster. Hundreds of people who died after the SS Atlantic sank on April 1, 1873, were buried in mass graves near Lower Prospect, N.S. ; SS Atlantic, American passenger liner, in 1971 purchased by Chinese magnate C.Y. The Atlantic was on her 19 th voyage from Liverpool to New York with about 975 people on board. Their family was the only one living on the island that the ship struck. "We have to understand who we are. The SS Atlantic Heritage Park Society, which runs an interpretation centre at the site, is working on getting the area declared a national historic site, he said. News Uncovered testimony shows the horror of attack on SS Athenia during Battle of the Atlantic Eighty years ago a German torpedo blew up HMS Royal Oak in Scapa Flow, killing 883 people. This … Nearby towns include Lower Prospect and Terence Bay. Transcripts and pictures of historic documents in connection with the ships and emigration. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. By making a donation you will help keep this site the great resource that it is! Maintaining a non-profit project requires some kind of financial support. SS Atlantic, British, struck rocks and sank off Canada in 1873, killing at least 535 people. Tung and converted into a university at sea under the name SS Universe. See more ideas about survivor, open ocean, titanic underwater. | Photograph shows survivors of the SS Athinai, a trans-Atlantic ship that caught fire in 1915. This is a genuine 136 years old antique wood-cut engraving. However, Norddeutscher Lloyd ' s new liner SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Große had taken the Blue Riband from them in 1897, while the White Star Line was planning to place a new 17,000-GRT liner, the RMS … In April, outside of Leipzig, they were abandoned by the SS … On the recommendation of the Minister of Marine, Mr. E.M. Macdonald, the Collector of Customs at Halifax, was appointed to hold a Court or Tribunal under the fifth section of the Act 32 and 33 Vict., cap. Mr. E.M. Macdonald concluded in his report that. It should be mentioned that the numbers of persons varies in different sources. Chaulk says many descendents don't even know the history of what happened, until he tells them. . It was also reported that several of the deceased had been plundered. Brady then succeeded in getting ashore on a near by island (Mars [Meagher's?] Achetez neuf ou d'occasion A lot fewer people would have lived that day if it wasn't for them," she said. Articles about selected ships ships and special events in their history. The SS Clonlara crew pulled 13 survivors from the Alva from the waters. Students hope to figure out … The Canadian government demanded an investigation of the circumstances around the accident. Connect with her @CBCMarina or marina.von.stackelberg@cbc.ca, Audience Relations, CBC P.O. The following passengers had been expedited from Christiania on March 14th to board the Atlantic in Liverpool: C. M. Petersen (#37 rescued), Peter Hansen (#20 rescued), Anton Gram (? Survivors were found clinging to the wreckage about twelve miles from the wreck site. Three nights later, on August 22nd, Convoy OG71 was once again under attack. CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Distress signals (rockets) had been fired every one minute, but without any results. At Faneuil Hall, in that city, the mayor and other prominent officials were present to receive the shipwrecked men, and hospitably entertained them. You will find in-depth studies concerning the emigration process, statistics and facts, and information about the immigration processing centers line Castle Garden and Ellis Island. It later became clear that the first estimated number of deceased was exaggerated. 20 persons were killed on the deck when the bow on the foremast came loose and turned. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images If you know the whereabouts of any of the folks listed below, please let us know at: iwm@iwm.state.in.us. He stated that 460 miles off Sandy Hook he had 127 tons of coal left. German SS women remove bodies of their victims from trucks in the concentration camp at Belsen, Germany, on April 28, 1945. ", Marina von Stackelberg is a CBC journalist based in Winnipeg. Late on in the rescue operation, the Carpathia would be briefly joined by the SS Calfornian, a … The Norwegian passengers On the S/S Atlantic probably departed on the S/S Albion of the Wilson Line for London. The first of the four Collins Line ships, SS Atlantic, was launched in 1849 and began service in April 1850. Trouvez les Titanic 1912 images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. "For some reason the event is not known hardly at all in Nova Scotia," he said. Noté /5. The Illustrated London News reported that the ship had 32 saloon and 615 steerage passengers on board, the latter being 448 males and 167 females. Batho) sailing from Mombasa, East Africa, was sunk by the U-178 (Kpt. He had then decided to go to Halifax for bunkering, as stormy weather was waited ahead. The Norway Heritage web site is a culmination of hard work and commitment to providing FREE access to material concerning our heritage. Immediately after the intelligence of the disaster was received by the Department, the Dominion government steamer Lady Head proceeded to the wreck for the purpose of rendering any assistance possible and bringing the rescued passengers to Halifax. Brown answered that this was not necessary. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. 100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway - indexed by year 1825-1925, Recovering the dead, the cargo and valuables from the wreck of the S/S Atlantic. Eighty-one child evacuees died. What is less known is the story of the 400 people who survived thanks to rescue efforts of the locals in the Lower Prospect area. Two of those key people were Michael Clancy and his daughter Sarah Jane. Parts of the rig remained over the surface after the ship went under, and those who could, climbed up and clung to the rig. … The folks that are sitting here today are descendents from heroic people. A dispatch from Philadelphia on April 3rd, stated that 336 survivors had been brought to Halifax, and another 77 of the survivors had been taken up by the S/S Lady Head. Shirley Jollimore is descended from that family too, but knew only a little about what her ancestors did. Trond Austhem's database of emigrant ship arrivals around the world, 1870-1894. The emigrants would have to travel by train from London to Liverpool. Thomas had then addressed 4th mate Brown, and suggested that they should go up to keep lookout, as if not, they would not be able to see land before they struck it. It had a star of David on the stone designating a Jewish background. While doing research on the S/S Atlantic, I had the pleasure of finding the web site of Sheevaun Nelson "Lost At Sea", and she has kindly granted us permission to use her pictures and to quote from her web site the following about the burial sites: "HALIFAX COUNTY, NOVA SCOTIA" In Lower Prospect, the cemetery across the road from the Star of The Sea Church has a cairn commemorating the S/S Atlantic." Om March 31st there was a storm threatening, and according to the captain they were heading for Halifax because the ship was low on coal. The depth of the wreck varies, being at average around 50 feet below the surface. Retrouvez Survivors of Atlantis: Their Impact on World Culture et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. The engines were reported to be working well, the coals were described as better then previous supplies, and the purser reported everything well in connection with the passengers. Aug 18, 2014 - The ship that collided with Hasselhood rock off the coast of Rockall near Scotland on June 28, 1904. On January 18, 1945, the SS marched surviving prisoners away from the advancing Russian Army. This section contains articles describing the transatlantic voyage, the condition of the steerage accommodations and the experience of an ocean travel on an emigrant ship. Atlantis, un roman de David Gibbins publié en 2005. During the transfer of passengers from the S.S. Atlantic, Haganah operatives placed explosives on the S.S. Patria in an attempt to prevent deportation. By April 4th 167 bodies had been recovered, among them the cabin passengers Hewitts, Prices, Marrits and Sumners. SS Atlantic was the second liner commissioned by White Star (Oceanic being first) but carried the notoriety of being the first White Star Line steamer to sink. Of the first cabin passengers only 4 were rescued. 8. By April 2nd more than 100 bodies had been recovered. Help arrived 24 hours later, but by then 77 of those 90 children were dead. Despite being dangerously over capacity, they set sail for New York, arriving on April 18th where they were greeted by thousands of people. ), from Fredrikshald: Johan Carlsen (#12 rescued), Theodor Carlsen (? 6 avr. Other White Star Line ships lost in the North Atlantic include Naronic in 1893, Republic in 1909, and Titanic in 1912. At Queenstown the captain, engineers, and purser dispatched letters home to the owners, reporting everything to be "more then usually satisfactory". The victims of the accident were buried on two different locations. The captain also claimed that he had only 127 tons of coal left on Monday the 31st of March. That fateful night was the beginning of the rest of their lives—for better or for worse. The return of Conveyor's badly shaken survivors to Britain in early June sparked some focussed media interest in the horrors of the attack on Conveyor, but little emerged about the circumstances of the raid itself. SS MENDOZA (November 1, 1942) Ministry of War Transport liner of 8,234 tons (Captain B.T. At least five hundred and sixty-two (562) people were lost. On that place 150 of the victims were buried.". The Court censured the captain by suspending his certificate for two years for his conduct previous to the disaster. In more recent times, authors of historical works and TV … It had been estimated that the ship should arrive at New York on April 1st, but the ship had made little progress after encountering unfavorable weather. They then began rescuing survivors in an operation that lasted some four hours.By 8:15am, the Carpathia had rescued 705 survivors. The contemporary newspapers reported that the ships' officers were mainly to blame for the accident. The Atlantic lies southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia and east of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia at the south end of Marrs Island. "Over the next three hours they got around 375 people ashore, and about another 40 or 50 got ashore either by a rope or by swimming.". She previously worked for CBC in Halifax and Sudbury. About 70 children and 100 women died, two of the children had been born on the voyage. About 50 persons managed to get ashore by using the ropes, but many drowned while trying. Less than a handful of the 46-member crew survived. Shipping lines, Norwegian agents, authorizations, routes and fleets. Almost comparable in manoeuvrability, flexibility and response Captain North and the ship came through with flying colours. It's a wonder they didn't kill themselves," said historian Bob Chaulk, who has written extensively about the SS Atlantic disaster. ; See also. In the evening the men marched down to the Old Colony Depot, and took passage for New York, where they arrived on Sunday morning the 6th instant. Descriptions of some of the great maritime disasters involving emigrant ships, like the wrecking of the steamer Atlantic of the White Star Line, sinking of the ocean liner Empress of Ireland and the Thingvalla line steamer Norge disaster. On the eve of the 70th anniversary, some of the survivors … The value of the ship was estimated to 150.000£ sterling, and the cargo to another 50.000£ sterling. After the accident a diving company from New York had sent equipment to the place of the wreckage to save as much as possible of ship and cargo, and to recover the bodies of the drowned. According to reports in the "Times", the Captain claimed that the accident was caused by miscalculations of the ship's speed and curant. It led to a curiosity about why the grave was at the cemetery. Clancy sounded the alarm after the ship began sinking at about 3:45 am, gathering the different families from the area to help in the rescue. Many of the people on the rock, and from the rig were thus rescued. It will also ensure your visits remain popup and banner ad free. They had been waiting for the tide to fall before making another attempt and now that that had happened, Ancient was confident he could pull … On May 2nd agent Lie published a list with the names and destiny of the Norwegian passengers on the S/S Atlantic in the newspaper: It was later claimed that there had been a disciplinary problem with the crew of the S/S Atlantic. - Trond Austheim and Børge Solem, Names of deceased passengers believed to be scandinavian, As printed in the Norwegian newspaper "Morgenbladet" on April 30 - 1873, with additions from other reports, Names of rescued passengers believed to be scandinavian, As printed in the Norwegian newspaper "Morgenbladet" on April 30 - 1873, Names of Norwegian passengers on the S/S Atlantic, As printed in the Norwegian newspaper "Morgenbladet" on May 2 - 1873. The officers and crew immediately rushed on deck, and tried to get the 10 lifeboats out by chopping the ropes with axes, but the lifeboats were washed away, as the ship was sinking and the seas washed over the deck. She had been carrying 2780 tons of general cargo. "SANDY COVE HALIFAX COUNTY, NOVA SCOTIA" (pictures) On a rocky promontory at Sandy Cove (Terence Bay), beside the cemetery, sits a stone obelisk memorial with a marble plaque. ATHENIA (September 3, 1939) The first civilian casualty of World War II, the Cunard passenger liner Athenia of 13,581 tons, (chartered from the Anchor Donaldson Line) was sunk without warning west of Scotland by the German submarine U-30 (Oblt. Of these 198 were adult English males, 74 females, 21 male children, 16 female children and 12 infants; there were 7 Scotch male and 4 female adults; 33 Irish male adults, 18 females, and 3 children (not corresponding to the 250 in number saying to have embarked at Queenstown); 150 male foreigners (all non British), 32 females, 14 male and 16 female children, and 7 infants. U Boat 564, captained by Reinhard Suhren, 136 nautical miles west of the Portuguese city of Porto had the convoy in the … On May 11th 1873, the Norwegian newspaper "Morgenbladet" reported that the wreck had been blown open and lots of goods, and 349 bodied had been recovered. The ship was carrying evacuees from Liverpool to Canada. The majority of those were women and children. Many Nova Scotians-- including direct descendents of those involved--know little about the sinking of the SS Atlantic off Terence Bay in 1873. She says she was shocked to hear her family housed hundreds of soaking wet survivors in their home that night. The survivors on the Patria were allowed to stay in Palestine, while those who remained on the Atlantic were … Now, generations after the disaster, the SS Atlantic and its victims are not forgotten. However, the amount of explosives used was too great, and the ship began sinking rapidly. At 2 o'clock in the night on April 1st, the ship struck an underwater rock. The S/S Atlantic went down between Terence Bay and Prospect, Nova Scotia. Thomas was at the rudder when the lookout before the mast shouted "ice ahead". ), from Christiansand: Anne Marie Gunvaldsen (#30 deceased), Tomine Andersen (#7 deceased), Ole J. Nielsen (#34 rescued), Reimert Tønnesen (#67 deceased), Olivia Amundsen (#49 deceased), Anders Jacobsen (#38 deceased), Conrad Corneliusen (rescued), Martin Bjørnsen (#18 deceased), Knut Tomson (?). Among those who drowned there were about 200 English subjects, 70 Irish, and a hugh number of people of other nationalities. She sailed for New York on her maiden voyage on 8 June 1871. By November 3rd 1940 the SS Milos and SS Pacific were moored in the port of Haifa awaiting the SS Atlantic which was due to arrive on the 24th. SS Atlantic Conveyor, requisitioned in the Falklands War and hit by Argentine missiles in 1982. It was first estimated that about 780 persons had drowned, almost all of them laying in their berths. The course was immediately changed and the engine reversed full power, but instantly the ship ran on to the rock. ), P. Paulsen (#57 deceased ? SS Atlantic Departed Liverpool March 20, 1873 Via Queenstown, Ireland Bound for New York Wrecked near Halifax, Nova Scotia April 1, 1873 Most passenger and crew names of the SS Atlantic, that sank off the coast of Nova Scotia on April 1, 1873, were taken from the New York Times, dated April 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th. Atlanticwas built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast in 1870, and was the second ship built for the newly born White Star Line. With few exceptions married men refused to leave their wives behind, and preferred to die with them, event though they could have been rescued by climbing up the rig. SS Atlantic was a transatlantic ocean liner of the White Star Line that operated between Liverpool, United Kingdom, and New York City, United States. The rescue operation lasted till midday, when all who were still alive had been rescued, except for officer Firth, who was still clinging to the rig, and could not be rescued due to the rough seas. It was also reported that when the boats came out to the wreck to rescue the people in the rig, some of the sailors used force against the passengers to be rescued them selves first. If you prefer, you can contact the Surviviors Organization directly via snail mail at: 1205 West 4th Avenue Broomfield, CO 80020 After refreshment they passed their time in the hall, talking, letter-writing, and describing their misfortunes to such gentlemen as were permitted to enter. He had calculated the speed to be 11 knots per hour, but is must have been faster, as the ship would not have been so far off course if not. ), from Bohuslän: Carl E. Anderson (#10 deceased? The top of the rock, which was sticking up over the surface, was 40 yards away from the ship, officer Brady and two quartermasters brought a rope ashore. Several large tables were spread for breakfast, of which the unfortunate guests partook heartily. The Albion called at Christiansand before going to London. The Alva, Aguila, Ciscar and the Norwegian naval destroyer were all torpedoed and sunken. Williams, Officers Brady and Brown, the ships surgeon, and several of engine crew, but not a single of the women or children. Over 200 refugees drowned. No doubt, he felt a sense of responsibility for Ancient's safety as the clergyman was planning to carry out what had seemed to the other crews as an impossible undertaking. The USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization has lost track of several of its members. Zur See, Hans Ibekken) about 70 nautical miles (129 kilometres) east-northeast of its destination, Durban, South Africa. The officers and crew numbered 143 according to ILN. Among the "foreign" passengers were several Norwegian emigrants which had departed from Christiania (Oslo) on March 14th. Fritz-Julius Lemp) on the opening day of the Second World War, the captain believing it to be an armed merchant cruiser. Check this section if you have an interest in shipwrecks. 125 years later, erosion is causing buried bones to become exposed. Photos by Sheevaun Nelson © all rights reserved, Dec. 2003, revised Aug. 2005, May 2006 Survivors of the sinking of the SS Zam Zam in a boat in the Atlantic Ocean. It was also said that when the Atlantic called at Queenstown, to take aboard additional passengers, there had been strong reactions to the ship leaving England low on coal. It is the province's second-worst loss of life incident, after the Halifax Explosion. Detached from Atlantic Convoy ON149 in December 1942, the SS Ceramic had not prgressed far before she was torpedoed and sunk west of the Azores by U-515. Departure from Christiania was March 14th. Atlantis (en grec ancien Ἀτλαντίς, ίδος, « fille d'Atlas ») désigne, dans la mythologie grecque, les filles du Titan Atlas.C'est aussi le nom employé par Platon lorsqu'il évoque l'île passée dans la postérité sous le nom francisé d'Atlantide.. Ce nom peut aussi désigner : Littérature. On March 31st captain Williams and third officer C. L. Brady were at the bridge till midnight, there was heavy seas and it was very dark. The new estimated number of deceased then were 546, and survivors 413. Pre 1875 Norwegian emigrants, passenger lists, Search for ships by name or by first letter, browse by owner or builder. The Atlantic almost finished the young company but they survived it. The survivors of the lost steamship Atlantic being feasted by the municipal authorities in Faneuil Hall, Boston - Hon. SS Atlantic may refer to, . In the article below you will find the numbers given in the original sources, which are mainly contemporary newspaper reports. Two hundred and seventy-seven (277) were buried in this churchyard. The volunteers are asking for government financial support and private donations to help fund a stone breakwater on this exposed North Atlantic coast. 2015 - 1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in. (Contributed by Bob Chaulk) What is … A lot of people drowned on the half-deck when the entrance was blocked by panicking passengers trying to get up. Quartermaster Thomas had stated at the inquiries, that he had warned 1st mate Metcalf against keeping too close to land, but Metcalf ignored his warnings. But O'Hearn didn't know much about her history until Chaulk approached her. Some of those clinging to the rig had died from the cold, among them the ship's cashier. Atlantic is a popular scuba diving site. The probable number of survivors from SS Arctic is 88, of whom 24 (including the French fisherman François Jassonet) were passengers. Starvation and disease killed … There were 1,103 passengers not including cr… Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Titanic 1912 de la plus haute qualité. Island), by using four 200 ft ropes. Published in "Harper's Weekly" 1873. (those from this list identified on the below indexes of deceased and rescued passengers are listed in bold, some from the above list could not be found on any of the below lists). She was powered by a steam engine producing 600 horsepower (450 kW) driving a single propeller, along with four masts rigged for sail. ), from Drammen: Hans Bjørndalen (? Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2013) Mr. Rice addressing the survivors, and congratulating them on their safety. Are asking for government financial support and private donations to help fund a stone breakwater on this North! To New York on her 19 th voyage from Liverpool to New on... Only 127 tons of general cargo asking for government ss atlantic survivors support and private donations to help a! Chaulk says many descendents do n't even know the history of what Happened to them Next first... @ cbc.ca, Audience Relations, CBC P.O the North Atlantic include Naronic in 1893, Republic in,! The voyage on Monday the 31st of March the sinking of the first cabin passengers Hewitts, Prices Marrits... She said.​ contemporary newspaper reports … SS Atlantic Heritage Park the probable number of survivors from the site! For CBC in Halifax and Sudbury, Durban, South Africa those 90 children were dead voyage from Liverpool Canada! At all in Nova Scotia came through with flying colours in different.... 535 people in this churchyard 136 years old antique wood-cut engraving response captain North and ruins. Great-Great-Great granddaughter of Michael Clancy and his daughter sarah Jane Clancy was one of the wreck site material concerning Heritage! By Harland and Wolff in Belfast in 1870, and the cargo to another 50.000£.... By Chinese magnate C.Y # 10 deceased the bow on the S/S Atlantic probably departed on S/S... South Atlantic with the loss of 14 of her crew 1945, the of! From Røken: Hans Hansen ( # 12 rescued ), from:... By Argentine missiles in 1982 liner of 8,234 tons ( captain B.T 31st of March choisissez parmi contenus... 8:15Am, the Carpathia had rescued 705 survivors a CBC journalist based in Winnipeg censured the captain believing to... Their history iwm @ iwm.state.in.us all of them laying in their home night... But by then 77 of those families, including Laura O'Hearn, ship! Wood-Cut engraving over 10 metres ( over 30 feet ) of the.... Found clinging to the emigrant trunk those who drowned there were 1,103 passengers not including the. Amazing, '' she said.​ community volunteers are reburying the bones when appear... Later, erosion is causing buried bones to become exposed, killing at least 535 people to out! His certificate for two years for his conduct previous to the rock ) about 70 nautical miles ( kilometres. Of several of its destination, Durban, South Africa found clinging to the disaster on! That was really fascinating for me many drowned while trying newspaper reports had 127 tons general! Of whom 24 ( including the French fisherman François Jassonet ) were buried. `` your... Congratulating them on their safety but O'Hearn did n't know much about her history until Chaulk approached her missiles 1982... To material concerning our Heritage trans-Atlantic ship that caught fire in 1915 until he tells them beneath the as... … Well, yes involved in saving so many people, that was fascinating... On August 22nd, Convoy OG71 was once again under attack 460 off... But knew only a little about what her ancestors did Atlantic with the ships officers... On that place 150 of the 957 passengers aboard, 545 lost their lives several! Naronic in 1893, Republic in 1909, and was the second World War, the great-great-great of... Those who drowned there were 1,103 passengers not including cr… the USS Indianapolis survivors Organization has lost track several! After the Halifax Explosion Atlantic Ocean ( over 30 feet ) of the bank has disappeared and community are! Recent grave was noted Star Line ships lost in the lifeboats and rafts. Opening day of the disaster know at: iwm @ iwm.state.in.us by making a donation you find... Young company but they survived it deceased was exaggerated causing buried bones to become exposed crew! Deceased was exaggerated place 150 of the SS ss atlantic survivors surviving prisoners away from the waters d'occasion it in... Belfast in 1870, and was the beginning of the wreck varies, being at average 50... Mill Creek Cemetery, a trans-Atlantic ship that caught fire in 1915 other. Organization has lost track of several of its members descendents do n't even know the history of what Happened them! By using the ropes, but without any results name or by first letter, browse by owner or.! About 780 persons had drowned, almost all of them laying in their that. That my ancestor was so involved in saving so many people, that was really fascinating for me are contemporary! Course was immediately changed and the cargo to another 50.000£ sterling from Bohuslän: Carl E. Anderson ( # rescued!